Alvis TA14 FNT 94


History of Ownership 1949 - 1996

1949 -  First Owner Mr J.Boorden  , Shrewsbury

1951  - Dr L.Pollard , Malpass, Cheshire

1957 - Mr E.Hassall, Malpass, Cheshire

It is not clear from the DVLA records as to whether Mr Hassall sold the car to Mr G.Lefley.

1982  - Mr G. Lefley, Shotton, Deeside

1984 - Mr J.Owen , Penysarn,North Wales

Mr Owen appears to have re-registered the car in 1996 just prior to my purchase from Mr L.Jones, see below, who claims ownership from 1988. It is my understanding that Mr Owen was a relation to Mr Jones from whom I bought the car via Exclusive Classic Cars , Burton uponTrent. (No longer trading). Invoices from Red Triangle in 1988 were in the name of Mr Jones thus confirming his claim. At the time of re-registration the the DVLA records note that there had been two owners from 1976. I asssume these to be Mr Lefley and Mr Owen. This suggests that Mr Hassall owned the car for some 19 years. I suspect the car was laid up for a considerable period of time as there were signs of pitting on the cam shaft when this was taken out in Jan 2007. The mileage, now 101000, could be genuine as the general condition of the car is very good.

1988 - Mr L.Jones, Anglesey.  Note in the AOC Bulletin for May 1988 shows Mr Jones as a new member with FNT 94 listed as his car.

The original log book is shown below where Mr Jones entered his name as the fourth owner !!

Log1 (4865238 bytes)


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