Alvis TA14 FNT 94

Owner Jack Taylor Jan 1997 - Present Time

The car was purchased in Dec 1996 and registered in my name in Jan 1997. The car was in running order but needed some minor electrical and mechanical work to make it run reliably. The bodywork and paintwork were sound and the interior was original but in need of cleaning up. The hood was a wreck and was one of the first major expenses. The photograph below shows the car as bought, including a trailing exhaust pipe.

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The work schedule shows that in the first year I concentrated on getting the car safer on the road. Stop lights and additional rear lights were added along with the necessary electrical repairs. The engine oil was drained and the sump and filter thoroughly cleaned out. The engine was found to be in good heart and performed extremely well when properly tuned. The work schedule available as a PDF file shows all the work carried out until the current time.

The new mohair hood fitted in 1998 is a work of art and done by Gary Wright of Milton Keynes. The hood frame is in very good order and none of the woodwork needed to be repaired. The photograph shows the frame before covering.

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1998 - 1999 were  very busy years. New springs, new dashboard with straight grained walnut veneer, chrome work, new exhaust system, head converted to unleaded and pressure tested, and new valve guides just to name a few of the improvements.  

This photograph shows all the decorative woodwork before re-assembly.

scan.jpg (1900306 bytes)


2000 - 2001 These years were not quite as hectic as the previous two and the major job of changing the Crown Wheel and Pinion to the higher ratio of a TB14 was completed in time for yet another season of enjoyable motoring.  The original set is in good condition  and again suggests the mileage on the car is probably original :-

The Original Crown Wheel and Pinion

Img_0928.jpg (48430 bytes)


The carpets were also replaced and were made by an ex British Leyland trim specialist and are premium grade Wilton.


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From 2002 onwards the car was in a very usable condition and we were able to enjoy many AOC events in the Midlands and further afield. The odd prize was won here and there, concours and driving, the car scores well on originality. The seats in particular rate highly as they are original and although well patinated are sound and comfortable. In 2006 I decided that the oil consumption was becoming rather excessive and there were the beginnings of a few rattles from the bottom end. The decision to rebuild the engine was taken and this work was carried out during the winter of 2006 - 2007.  The pictures elsewhere on this Web Site show this in progress.

The car has given us a great deal of pleasure during the ten years of ownership being used as a wedding car on five occasions as well as transporting us to the Goodwood revival meeting  three times. In September 2007 we took part the Norwich Classic Car Rally.

As to why sell the car now ? It's in very good heart and I want to pass it on without a conscience. I hope that the new owner takes good care of it as I have. I am finding it difficult to hold spanners and do not cherish crawling around on cold garage floors any more.

This last photograph is of us completing the Norwich Union Rally at Silverstone Sept 2007).

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